Create a culture which suits both the company and the team  by building an energetic work environment and strategic individual growth plans.


“Leadership is getting someone else to do something you want done because they want to do it” ~Dwight Eisenhower



We partner with you to develop success strategies that help people succeed in their careers and enjoy their lives and families. We maximize people through hiring, leadership development, executive coaching, and career management for all ages.


  • Self-assessment

  • Birkman Assessment

  • The art of communication

  • Core values

  • Team effectiveness

  • Problem solving/ decisions

  • Conflict resolution

  • Change management

“I have received numerous professional recommendations throughout my years as an executive minister, but few have proven as valuable as The Wineinger Company. Cyndi has proven immensely valuable in laying a more effective framework for collaborating within our leadership culture. On a personal note, Cyndi has helped me to understand the impact (positively and negatively) of my own leadership behaviors, how I react/respond to the default behaviors of those within my leadership sphere, as well as, the behaviors I must watch out for when I am operating from a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual deficit.  There are very few that I can recommend as confidently as I do Cyndi.”

D. Mark Miller

Executive Minister, Indian Creek Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN

“We have been working with Cyndi for several years now. We are very happy with the improvements we have been able to make with regard to our hiring as well as our ability to create a more thoughtful atmosphere in working with each other.  Getting an alternate take on our business that challenges us to think about different ways to lead and communicate has been very valuable in identifying our opportunities to improve while still letting us stay true to who we are.”

Joe Schlotman

VP Operations, Dewey’s Pizza, Cincinnati, OH


The Wineinger Company offers a collection of  broad and diverse training programs.  Each program is designed to help people understand themselves so they can positively impact the team or organization.  We bring our years of experience and wealth of knowledge and suit it to your organization’s unique needs.

LEADERSHIP SERIES | We provide a full six month series on Leadership Development for Executive Teams and Growing Leaders. The coursework relies on insights from Drucker, Lencioni, Maxwell, Gallup and many other business thought leaders. It’s a highly interactive program that includes self-evaluation, team interaction, presentations, communication exercises, neurolinguistic training, and transitional leadership training. Participants will also set goals, write mission statements, teach others, and practice powerful communication techniques. (Class sizes are limited to 12-18)

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Birkman: Understanding Self: By far our most popular offering, this program helps your group learn how they see and relate to others. The class is a mix of teaching and learning experiences that can help your team have moments of clarity about one another, along with some fun. Classroom exercises can be adapted to meet your specific team needs. Many companies request this class on a recurring basis to continue to learn more about how to operate and communicate effectively.

Build and Lead Powerful Teams: Organizations succeed when everyone on the team understands their place on the team and how best to contribute. Our approach to teambuilding is to walk you through developing teams, processing around teams, and completing team goals. We offer training and hands on team building exercises. We will also come and work with your team in an ongoing hands-on environment to execute a project while training the leaders involved.

The Science of Communicating: The success of every team and organization starts with clear communication. Conversely, the breakdown of communication leads to lost profit and productivity. Each team member is trained on individual tendencies, strengths, tactics and blind spots. The team learns about one another and how to manage their perceptions of styles. In addition, we teach proven processes developed by Seligman, Glasser, The Harvard Business School, Gordon and other thought leaders. Everyone leaves these classes equipped to listen and speak to one another with increased clarity and effectiveness. (Class size limited to 8-20)

Managing Yourself and Others: Leaders know what the key to managing other is to first manage themselves. In this class, we look at your scientifically measured perceptions about other people. You will learn how to effectively communicate and lead others in a powerful process of partnership and equipping. After you’ve been through this process yourself, it’s much more fulfilling to take others along.

The Art of Feedback: This is the second in the series of Managing Self and Others. This class utilizes proven methods to learn to give and receive feedback. This is a critical process that many organizations get wrong. Getting it right can lead to continual growth and refinement.

Embracing Conflict: Conflict is inevitable. How an organization manages it makes all the difference in the whether conflict makes them weaker or stronger. There is science going on behind your trigger points– your styles of conflict management. Through this class, you can have a grounded, educated method for pushing through conflict and moving your team ahead.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Our newest class taps into the latest studies on how the brain works and how we process data. When we collect, sort, analyze and prioritize data, we often distort reality and form illogical conclusions. We’ll retrain your brain to see things as they really are and to respond appropriately.

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