Organizational Success depends on motivated employees that drive success across all levels of the organization. 

Making sure each team member is in the “right seat on the bus” empowers each individual to be the best they can be in order to drive the company forward with passion and vision. The Wineinger Company will help you make sure the right person is in the right place within the company and work through the specific challenges that come with restructuring and change management.

Organizational Structure

With a clear organizational layout, employees at all levels of the company are able to take ownership of their work and maximize their productivity.  An effective organizational structure utilizes talent, enables healthy growth from conflict, and maps out a clear path for promotion and succession.

Change Management

Change management is a calculated method of successfully navigating change with individuals and the organization.  This training tackles the tough challenges that come with large scale change and helps facilitate a safe environment for development and momentum.

Team Development

The Wineinger Company offers a collection of  broad and diverse training programs.  Each program is designed to help people understand themselves so they can positively impact the team or organization.  We bring our years of experience and wealth of knowledge and suit it to your organization’s unique needs.

Strategic Restructuring

The organizational chart should be written in pencil and not pen.  The ability to plan for this new world of business by using the Org Chart as a tool, is critical to winning over your competition.  Let us work with you to plan not only for succession planning but for strategic and intelligent responsiveness.


We craft customized strategies and programs to meet the needs of your unique staff and organizational structure.
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