For high school or college students ready to make a decision on their college and/or major.

We use our experience in the hiring and career development industry to help you choose your college and major. We know your future isn’t about your test scores, but about your life. We’ve partnered with the Rugg’s Recommendation Guide to Colleges to empower you to select colleges that work for you. We also offer our own tools to help you navigate the guide. Our trained experts review and research your profile to make suggestions specific to your preferences.

For months, Madison’s thoughts around college had been in conversation.  It seemed that her interests were changing weekly and the reasons supporting her choices were pretty shallow.  At 17, there are quite a few misconceptions about how to navigate college and career choices.  The “help” that school counselors were providing seemed pretty weak and, of course, we as parents were the worst people on the planet to be advising our teenager!  Having involved the Wineinger Company in 10 years of hiring qualified candidates in a corporate setting, I knew there were better tools and methods out there and I also knew we needed help!  We needed a 3rd party “expert” to consult with and guide an INTENTIONAL process for this critical choice.  I thought I had a novel idea when I asked them for help, but it turns out that they’ve been doing this stuff for years and had an immediate process that we could follow.  Suffice it to say that, in about one month, my daughter (and quite frankly, us as well) went from frustrated and perplexed to “breakthrough”.  Upon her Birkman review, Madison immediately became interested in Human Resources – a field of work that she was largely unaware existed prior to the discussion.  Yesterday, she and I toured NKU and she loved it!  While having lunch after the tour, Madison said, “I’m so glad we went through the Degree4Me program!  I didn’t even know about NKU (as a college choice) nor HR as a field of study, but now I feel like I know exactly what I need to be doing!”  As a part of our research, we confirmed Human Resources to be a growing and prosperous field in the coming years and we all feel great about the investment of time and money we’ll be making.  Today’s conversation has shifted to how many AP credits will transfer and how she can jump start her new path through summer classes!  Needless to say, we’re breathing a big sigh of relief!
Dave F.

Parent, Degree4Me™ Program Client