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You want focus in your career. We provide the tools to understand more about your strengths, perceptions and weaknesses. This tells us where you fit and which opportunities are right for you. Our CollegeThenWhat process is all about helping you through your post-college and midrange career assessment. No matter how many years are between you and your graduation date, we want to help figure out your next steps.

I just wanted to write you a note of thanks.  If you recall, we first met in August 2016 as I was struggling mightily with the lack of fulfillment I was experiencing in my legal career.  I was lost and ready to give it all up, but you wouldn’t let me do that.  We worked through a plan and you helped me figure out what I wanted to do and gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed to put a plan in place.

I will say that things were very slow to start (my fault), but after some work, lots of prayer, and a stroke of good luck, a friend of mine reached out with an opportunity for a full-time teaching position at a (top level) University teaching business courses in the School of Business.  I don’t have the traditional qualifications for the position and might have resisted pursuing the opportunity had it not been for our meetings.  Instead, I pulled together my resume, focusing on my business advising during my legal practice, and went for it.

Believe it or not I was offered the job almost a year to the day of our first meeting.  It was a significant pay cut from the world of a corporate legal practice, but if you remember I was longing for more time in my life and a career with more purpose and meaning for me.  I’m happy to say that I just finished my first semester teaching full time and it’s been wonderful.  I am exponentially happier and more fulfilled, and I’m just very excited to have this new opportunity.

I’m sorry it took me so long to reach out, but it’s never too late to say thank you.  I would not have had the courage to make the move without your advice and for that I am grateful.

Joe K.

Career4Me™ Program Client