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We’re in this with you– the long term partnership that delivers sustainable results and measurable results that stick.  This intense coaching opportunity will help you to learn more about yourself, and receive training and inspiration through strategic plans, goals and measures.

A successful engagement with us is not a contract. It is a partnership that leaves us “affordably on call” as trusted advisors to partner in your success.

Dreams and Goal Setting

Let’s work to find a balance throughout your life which starts with a solid and reachable plan for this year. We’ve developed a practical process for making and reaching goals which starts with eliminating distractions, then works through some practical steps for setting goals as well as a plan to achieve those goals.

Communication Styles

Having a foundational understanding of how you and others are hard wired goes a long way in improving communication skills. Our process will take you though 5 steps of creating a better communication dymamic between yourself and others.


When we have a strong Self Esteem, then we are Self Aware. In business, this is a critical factor in leadership.  We may not see eye to eye, but can we own our selves well enough to work together, see one another’s perspective and move the business forward?  Leadership is a mastery of this ability.  Leadership is Self-Awareness.

Leadership Skills

Great leadership is organic. A great leader should be able to execute in their own natural way. A great leader is driven and it’s really hard to be driven when you’re trying to follow a rule book or checklist of things to do to be a great leader.

The Wineinger Company has worked with hundreds of leaders and we understand how to break it down and empower individuals to be great leaders with their very own effective leadership styles. 

Time Management

Have you ever heard the terms, “time flies when you’re having fun” or “time stood still”? That’s because in real life time, there is an entire mental element that makes time seem faster or slower depending on the circumstances. So time management has to be more than just managing the clock or a schedule. We’ll work with you to develop some practices to keep you on track.


We craft customized strategies and programs to meet the needs of your unique staff and organizational structure.
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