Is it better for a person’s symbols to be plotted all in one quadrant or for the symbols to be spread out?

This is a question we get a lot. There is not a good or a bad result on the Grid. The placement of the symbols can tell you something about the person, though. If the symbols are all in one quadrant, the person’s Interests, Needs and Behaviors are all in line with one another and this person will be seen by others as “typical” and “consistent” with what they know of the definition of that color.

If, on the other hand, the symbols are spread apart and are in multiple quadrants, other people may not know what to expect. If the Usual and Need symbols are in different quadrants, then people may think they can treat the person one way based on his/her Usual Behavior, when, in fact, that may put the person in to Stress Behavior (because the Needs are not being met).

excerpt from Birkman® Beginnings Newsletter