What is the significance of the placement of the symbols within a color quadrant?

The deeper a symbol is placed within a quadrant, the more likely the person will exhibit characteristics of that quadrant. If a symbol happens to be placed close to another quadrant, it is likely the person will exhibit characteristics of both quadrants.

If a symbol is situated near the middle of the page (close to all four quadrants), it could mean one of two things: 1) All scores loading on that symbol are moderate, which caused the symbol to be placed in the middle; or 2) Certain scores “pulled” the symbol to one quadrant and certain scores “pulled” the symbol to the diagonanlly opposed quadrant, causing the symbol to be plotted close to the middle of the page. These mean two very different things, so if possible, look to the more specific information found in the Components and Areas of Interest reports to have a more accurate picture of the Grid and its meaning.

from Birkman® Beginnings Newsletter