Laser Coaching Session


If you’ve already taken the Birkman, Cyndi is offering this 50 minute Laser Coaching Session to give you a renewed perspective on how to get your needs met and optimize your style. During the call you may also want to focus on one area of your life where you would like to create a focused coaching plan to conquer.
Note: You must have a current Birkman to take advantage of this offer. This product also includes a downloadable Birkman coaching packet!



During your Laser Coaching Session, you may choose to use your time to review your Birkman and zero in on how to get your needs met, communicate more effectively and understand your unique wiring.  Or you may choose to spend the session focusing on one specific professional or personal goal while Cyndi utilizes your Birkman to offer a very tailored success approach of your style.
Cyndi has a Professional Master Coaching Certification recognized by both of the International Coaching accreditation organizations.  Less than 1% of coaches worldwide receive this level of accreditation. In a recent podcast interview for a national insurance company, Cyndi was asked “How should someone select a coach?”  She replied “There are so many people in the world who call themselves coaches because they have achieved success personally and want to coach others.  To provide the most effective coaching, we as coaches have to train on how people learn.  On what motivates people.  On what holds them back so we can help them move forward into their dreams.  Just because someone has accomplished success in life, doesn’t mean that they know how to professionally coach and train others to achieve their goals.  Coaches need to study Coaching and add that to their experiential knowledge base. I recommend you select a Coach based on their success and experience AND their commitment to their training as a Coach.”


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