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Following this Guide can save you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Intimidated? Confused? Choosing a career path can be daunting to say the least. This guide is a valuable tool which will help you find the answers you have been looking for and plot a course for not only a successful career, but one that suits YOU.


  • Degree4Me Guide: Your Guide to a Successful Career and Future
  • Birkman Premier Assessment
  • Birkman Premier Report & Guide
  • Personalized report– Major and Career Selections (created by a career professional looking at hundreds of career selections for  you.)
  • 1 hour consultation with a highly-trained Wineinger Company Career Specialist




Degree4Me will help you tackle the onslaught of questions, concerns and choices you face when trying to determine your career path and the educational steps it will take to get you there. This in-depth study will take you step by step, beginning with the Birkman Assessment which will provide the foundation for being able to truly discover your passion and how it can apply to your future.


When you purchase this package, you will be able to immediately download the Degree4Me Guide, Please do leaf through it so you know what to expect, however we recommend that you do not complete the guide until you have received your results from the Birkman Assessment. An associate from The Wineinger Company will reach out to you in 1-2 business days with a link to take your Birkman Assessment.

  • Degree4Me Guide: Your Guide to a Successful Career and Future
  • Birkman Premier Assessment
  • Birkman Premier Report & Guide
  • Personalized report– Major and Career Selections (created by a career professional looking at hundreds of career selections for  you.)
  • 1 hour consultation with a highly-trained Wineinger Company Career Specialist


This in-depth guide will take you through:

  • 4 Steps for Selecting the Right Career
    • Understand you Skill Set
    • Utilize Online Career Finding Resources
    • Select your Career Path
    • Plot your Course
  • How to Find the Right College for You
  • Tips for Finding & Applying for Scholarships
  • How to Calculate & Budget College Costs


The Birkman Method® is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment which measures and provides insights into your behavioral strengths, motivations, stress behaviors, and targeted career profiles. The Birkman Method is an exceptional tool to better understand yourself, understand others, as well as the interpersonal and career choices that can lead to success and well-being – both at home and in the workplace.


The Birkman Premier Report is a comprehensive behavioral report.  It includes all of the information from the Birkman Basics Report along with detailed descriptions of 11 behavioral components in your 3 different behavior patterns. Included in the report is a powerful report on your stress behaviors and how to avoid stress specific to your behavior patterns.

Measures of The Birkman Method®

  • AREAS OF INTEREST A percentile rank in broad occupational areas give a good indication of the individual’s occupational interest.
    • Social Service
    • Persuasive
    • Numerical
    • Mechanical
    • Artistic
    • Musical
    • Clerical
    • Scientific
    • Outdoor
    • Literary
  • PERSONAL STRENGTHS AND NEEDS This Personal Strengths & Needs report describes your behaviors and motivations. This is not measuring your talents or abilities, rather it is an individualized description and interpretation of the individual’s strengths and basic needs. Each section highlights one of the components listed below by outlining their strengths (Usual Behavior) associated with the particular style. These statements are very positive, and indicate your natural, effective behavior. Then, there is a paragraph describing your Basic Needs. These statements are non-judgmental but help you understand that being maximally productive is dependent on having certain basic needs met. Finally, there is a paragraph outlining POTENTIAL behavior in the event that the need is not met. There is nothing absolute about this Stress Behavior description, but it can easily be used in developing an “early warning system” in identifying and coping with stress.
    • Esteem- Relating to Individuals
    • Acceptance- Relating to People in Group
    • Structure- Systems and Procedures
    • Authority- Directing and Controlling
    • Advantage- Incentives and Competition
    • Activity- Preferred Pace for Action
    • Challenge- Self Imposed Demands
    • Empathy- Involvement of Feeling
    • Change- Dealing with Change
    • Freedom- Personal Independence
    • Thought- Action or Reflection
  • LIFESTYLE GRID® REPORT The Life Style Grid is a visual, graphic representation of your results, based on a model of how people behave in general. The Life Style Grid Report can help you:
    • Clarify your communication style: Are you a Direct Communicator, represented by the top two quadrants of the Grid, or an Indirect Communicator, represented by the bottom two quadrants?
    • Reveal your focus: Are you Task-Oriented, represented by the left two quadrants, or People-Oriented, represented by the right two quadrants?
    • Discover how your unique strengths move you toward a distinct personal style: Are you a Planner (Blue quadrant), Communicator (Green quadrant), Expediter (Red quadrant), or Administrator (Yellow quadrant)?
  • CAREER MANAGEMENT REPORT The Career Management Report helps to better match your career choices with your personality, the kind of things that motivate you, and your interests. The Career Management Report is organized into three sections, as follows:
    • Organizational Focus, which will help you determine the work environment that suits you best.
    • Job Families/Job Titles that offer you the greatest potential for success.
    • Career Summary, a list of strengths that you bring to the work that you do.
  • COACHING REPORT This is a summary of the best way to interact with a coach the individual based on their strengths and needs.

Click here for a Sample Birkman Report


After completing the supplemental information questionnaire and the Birkman Assessment, our experts will compile a personalized report outlining major and career selections for you based on your Birkman findings as well as the information provided on your questionnaire.


We will schedule a 1-hour personal phone consultation with you to discuss your results, our suggestions, and go over any questions you may have.

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  1. Caroline Ruder

    This package features The Birkman Premiere Assessment. It uses the results from that assessment to guide you to understand yourself, strengths and challenges– then from there, it brilliantly shows you how to apply this invaluable information to making the right decisions about your best options for a college and career path! The Birkman changed my life! I can’t imagine where I’d be without the insight and guidance this assessment gave me. Thank you Wineinger Company and Birkman!!

    Birkman Testimonial from Insight Brand Development on Vimeo.

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