Are you a professional looking to change or develop your profession? A student deciding on a line of work? Let our experience guide you! We start with an in-depth assessment which scientifically evaluates your behaviors, interests, needs and goals to help you find the right match for your future. Our CollegeThenWhat® Program offers personalized tools for career selection at any age or stage of life.

Welcome to CollegeThenWhat®

CollegeThenWhat® is a personalized career strategy program developed by The Wineinger Company. It is customized for both students and career seekers of any age. Our experienced professionals take an in-depth look at your personality, interests, and goals in order to find the career that is right for you. Let’s and define the steps to get you there!

We scientifically evaluate your behaviors, interests, needs and goals

to help you find the right match for your future.

Through the process, we use proven tools and comparisons

with over 2 million other people in our database.

For high school or college students ready to make a decision on their college and/or major. We use our experience in the hiring and career development industry to help you choose your college and major. We know your future isn’t about your test scores, but about your life. We’ve partnered with the Rugg’s Recommendation Guide to Colleges to empower you to select colleges that work for you. We also offer our own tools to help you navigate the guide. Our trained experts review and research your profile to make suggestions specific to your preferences.

For professionals interested in changing careers or developing their current career path. You want focus in your career. We provide the tools to understand more about your strengths, perceptions and weaknesses. This tells us where you fit and which opportunities are right for you. Our CollegeThenWhat process is all about helping you through your post-college and midrange career assessment. No matter how many years are between you and your graduation date, we want to help figure out your next steps.